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Plasma injection electrodes for true strength
Electrodes for plasma spraying

Electrodes for plasma spraying

Tungsten plasma injection electrodes from Litty

High quality standards for plasma injection electrodes are essential for achieving optimal results. Plasma spraying requires electrodes which can withstand extremely high temperatures. Experts therefore put their trust in tungsten/copper electrodes for materials that melt at high temperatures.


The advantages:

  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Radiation-free and environmentally friendly
  • Long service life
  • Good flammability
  • Optimum heat conductivity

Litty is your ideal partner if you are looking for long-lasting tungsten-copper electrodes. Our claim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction and quality.

Buying tungsten-copper electrodes: quick and easy

Litty can provide exactly the right product for plasma spraying , depending on the application. The best thing to do is speak directly to our experts, and you can then look forward to receiving excellent advice for high-quality tungsten-copper plasma injection electrodes which fulfil your requirements. Discover out products today, and take a step in the right direction for your special plasma injection application now.

Good to know

Tungsten-copper electrodes from Litty prove their worth under the most demanding of conditions. Their absolute high quality is the guarantee of a smooth process during plasma spraying . We combine tungsten and copper in an optimum way by using state-of-the-art back-casting technology. – This advanced connecting technology creates a defect-free connection between the materials, and gives you reliable advantages during plasma spraying.

Our expertise makes us strong: 
This speaks in favour of Litty

We’re quick

You’ll receive your quote from Litty within 48 hours. We ensure that you have a time advantage, and work with precision. Be it quote production, advice or delivery: You’re on the finishing straight with Litty.

Price, performance & products 

The coordinated interaction provides advantages, and we offer an impressive price/performance ratio. Together we will define cost-effective processes in order to keep your costs as low as possible.

Litty stands for quality

We have been fulfilling high quality standards for 30 years. Outstanding performance is our maxim. We are passionate about providing the best customer service. Your personal contact will be at your side with a great deal of specialist knowledge.

We are personable

Litty is a Lake Chiemsee-based family business with highly qualified staff. That also speaks in favour of us. We look after customers all over the world with the well-known Litty service.

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What is plasma spraying ?

Plasma spraying is a coating process in which materials such as metals, ceramics or composites are applied to surfaces. An arc is created between an electrode and the material, which melts the material and divides it into minute particles. These particles are sprayed onto the surface to be coated using a carrier gas, where they combine to form a solid coating. Plasma spraying opens up a wide range of application areas for the majority of industries.

In which industries is plasma spraying used?

The majority of industries benefit from plasma spraying:


Aerospace: Protection against extreme temperatures and abrasion on intake surfaces, thermal insulation layers and turbine blades.

Medical engineering: Improvement of the surface compatibility and durability of medical implants.

Power generation: Optimization of performance by coating combustion chambers in gas turbines.

Automotive industry: Protection against wear and corrosion in components such as valve seats and cylinder liners.

Tool and mould manufacturing: The durability of tools such as cutting edges and moulds is increased.

Electronics industry: Electronic components are protected against corrosion.

Surface technology: Corrosion protection and protection against abrasive wear of metals and other materials.

What’s so special about tungsten-copper electrodes?

The high quality of Litty tungsten-copper electrodes plays a crucial part: The precision manufacturing process produces an optimal connection between the tungsten and the copper. Litty supplies electrodes which have been manufactured using back-casting technology, which is how we combine tungsten and copper in the best possible way.


This method does not only ensure that outstanding performance is provided, but also gives the electrode a remarkable service life under the extreme conditions of plasma spraying.

Why is tungsten used in plasma spraying electrodes?

Tungsten is used for electrodes in plasma spraying applications because it has a very high melting point of 3,422°C and is stable at high temperatures. Would you like to find out more about tungsten?