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Refractory metals in watch products

Durability meets robustness

Watch products made of refractory metals are durable and usually very resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. These properties make them a popular choice for watchmakers and watch enthusiasts. Refractory metals are an excellent alternative to conventional watch materials such as steel or gold. Tungsten, tantalum and also molybdenum are often used in watch cases, bracelets or as pendulum weights in grandfather clocks.

Watches that use tungsten are smooth, scratch-resistant and offer a modern, stylish look. These watches are particularly popular with athletes because they are robust. They offer an excellent combination of durability, style and resistance that is often unmatched by other watch materials. Refractory metals like molybdenum and tungsten are also often hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Good to know

Another advantage of watches made from refractory metals is that they are often available in different colours. Molybdenum and tungsten, for example, can be made in silver, black or gold colours, which allows watchmakers to create watches that match different outfits and styles. This flexibility is another reason why watches made from refractory metals are so popular with many watch buyers.