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Molybdenum – the heat-resistant metal

High strength, tough and hard

Molybdenum is a chemical element with the symbol Mo and the atomic number 42. This transition metal has a melting point of around 2,600°C and is a metal with a somewhat lower melting point than tungsten, but its properties are very similar. In practice, the sintered material cannot be cold formed and is brittle at normal temperatures.

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Molybdenum’s properties

High melting point of 2,623°C
Density of 10.28 g/cm³ (at 20 °C)
High corrosion resistance at high temperatures
Very good thermal and electrical conductivity
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Shielding of high-energy particles

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Which industries use molybdenum?

Molybdenum is often used as an alloying agent in the steel industry and is used in the lighting industry, power electronics, aerospace, high-temperature furnace construction and many other industries.

What is molybdenum used for?

This material is used in the production of solar cells, flat screens, glass and ovens.

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