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Round bar or square. Nothing is too special.
Rods from Litty. Naturally strong.

Refractory metal & alloy rods

Litty offers rods in standard dimensions or made to measure 

Round bars or square bars made of refractory metals are indispensable and valuable components for industry and production engineering. High melting points of up to 3,422 °C make many applications possible in the first place and ensure proven and groundbreaking results. Are you looking for round bars made of refractory metals and alloys?

Metals & alloys


Rods made of refractory metals can be varied as desired in terms of dimensions, tolerances and alloys and obtained from us. We’re happy to respond to your requests quickly and flexibly!

The areas of application

Tungsten and tungsten alloy rods are used for many industrial applications depending on their strength. Among others for:

  • Balance weights
  • Production of screws, grooves, etc.
  • Electronic contacts
  • Basic material for further processing
  • And much more
This speaks for us

Personal service

You have your own personal contact person from quotation to delivery, as well as for follow-up enquiries.

In good time

We’re fast – both in preparing quotes, providing advice and in terms of delivery. You will receive your quotation within 48 hours.

Litty stands for quality

We’ve been meeting high quality standards for 30 years. High performance is our maxim The best customer service is our passion.


What makes tungsten rods so special?

Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and is indispensable when high temperatures stress the material. At temperatures between 1,000 and 1,600°C semi-finished products receive their basic shape by forging, round hammering or rolling. Work pieces with very low tolerances can be produced by a subsequent surface grinding operation.

Why are alloying additives needed?

Alloy additives can be used to influence the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of our semi-finished and finished parts. Depending on the required application, an alloy can be chosen that has optimal parameters in terms of resistance, interaction, temperature behaviour, material properties, conductivity and machinability.

Refractory metals
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Metal Sales