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Niobium – the all-rounder

The metal for special steels

Niobium, with the symbol Nb and atomic number 41, is a relatively base element but is characterised by its durability. In air, niobium forms a protective oxide layer that protects against corrosion. If tungsten and molybdenum are added to niobium, its heat resistance increases. The addition of aluminium reinforces its strength. Remarkable is its high transition temperature of 9.25 K, below which it is superconducting. One gram of niobium can hold 100 cm³ of hydrogen at room temperature.

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Niobium’s properties

Melting point at 2,477 °C
Readily absorbs gases
Density 8.57 g/cm³
Electrical conductivity 6.58 × 106 A V-1 m-1

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Good to know

Niobium is sought after because it is extremely heat-resistant. Without niobium, space agencies such as NASA or ESA would probably not have so many success stories. Among other things, niobium also contributed to the Space Shuttle’s re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Niobium also serves as a coating for nuclear fuel rods, is used in rocket engines and shields the heat on the outer wall of rockets.


What is the heavy metal niobium used for?

Niobium is used as an alloying addition for stainless steels and special stainless steels. A special thing about it is that it can be used to make pipes for hydrochloric acid production, for example. Niobium can increase the toughness of steel and is found in pipelines, high-voltage pylons or bridge columns. Niobium is a strong carbide former and is added to welding consumables to set carbon.

Which industries use niobium?

Construction and steel industry, nuclear technology, aerospace and many other industries. The bluish-black metal niobium is also used in the jewellery industry and in coins.

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