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TZM – excellent strength

Titanium-zirconium-molybdenum alloy

TZM is a solid solution hardened and particle reinforced molybdenum alloy; consisting of 0.50% titanium, 0.08% zirconium and 0.01 to 0.04% carbon. It has a higher recrystallisation temperature than molybdenum and has very good strength properties at temperatures up to 1,400 °C. The recrystallisation temperature of TZM is approx. 250 °C higher than that of molybdenum. In addition, TZM offers better weldability and is also readily formable at room temperature.

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TZM alloy’s properties

Higher strength & hardness than molybdenum
Good toughness at room temperature
Good thermal conductivity
Low vapour pressure
Good corrosion resistance
Good machinability

Purchase quality TZM from Litty 

We at Litty can offer TZM alloys at a price-performance ratio that will convince you! Individual production is quick and easy: send us your drawing parts and benefit from our experience and quick processing of your customer enquiry!

Our TZM alloys are available as semi-finished products, near-net-shape or as finished parts. When providing semi-finished products, we are not bound by the usual standard dimensions. Already during the project planning, we define cost-optimised dimensions with you so as to keep product costs as low as possible. Our delivery spectrum includes:


What is TZM used for?

TZM alloys are mainly used in areas where materials have to withstand high temperatures: for example, for machine components, heating conductors, electrodes, light engineering wires, sintering boats, furnace internals, forging tools, X-ray technology, radiation shields and many other applications.

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