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Best bevelling of tungsten electrodes

High quality welding results require the best tips

Our specially trained technical staff and the use of high quality, latest-generation precision machines enable us to guarantee the highest quality during the bevelling of new or already used electrodes. For this special service, it is irrelevant whether the welding electrodes come from Litty or from another brand. We ensure that your TIG needles ignite perfectly and form a stable arc, because an incorrectly ground tungsten electrode may result in an unclean seam.

What makes our bevelling service so perfect

Centric bevelling

Absolute centrically ground electrode tips: if this were not the case, the arc would become unstable and wander. Precise ignition would then no longer be guaranteed. The perfect tip forms an isosceles triangle with the centre line.

What makes our bevelling service so perfect

Longitudinal bevelling

The bevel may only be carried out in a longitudinal direction: radial bevelling would cause the arc to wander. In addition, the weld seam could be contaminated by dissolved tungsten particles. A perfect bevel runs parallel to the longitudinal axis of the electrode.

What makes our bevelling service so perfect

Diamond grinding

Use of the finest diamond grinding wheels This increases the service life of the electrode and it creates a uniform micrograph without crater formation. This promotes the reproducibility of the welding results. The finer the grinding wheel, the fewer grinding scratches:

What makes our bevelling service so perfect

Individual production

Production from the smallest batch sizes: production takes place according to your specifications regarding composition, angle, surface, electrode length and electrode diameter. This creates the foundations for the best welding results.

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Good to know

Even the best tungsten electrodes lose their good properties after frequent use; at some point a TIG needle becomes blunted or contaminated. To make the arc more precise again, even used electrodes can be sharpened at Litty.

To enable you to weld longer with your tungsten electrode, we have fitted the Lymox® and LymoxLux® with a DUO tip. All you have to do is turn them over ... Want to find out more?


Why do welding electrodes need to be perfectly bevelled?

Electrode tips start to wear out after frequent use. The heat causes the oxides to steam out and the tip loses its good properties. In order for the arc to regain accuracy, the worn tip needs to be removed and the blunted tip re-sharpened. The bevel direction is crucial for quality welding.

Which TIG needles can be resharpened?

We offer our sharpening service for all welding electrodes. Even for those that were not purchased from Litty.

How quickly will I get my welding electrodes back?

You will receive them back within five working days

How does our bevelling service work?

You collect your used electrodes loosely in a container. We will have them collected from you by request or at defined intervals. Within one week, you will receive your reconditioned welding electrodes back: Cleaned, cut to length and re-sharpened according to your specifications regarding bevel angle and surface.

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