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Tantalum: the epitome of resistance

Tantalum is one of the most sought-after metals and has the symbol Ta and atomic number 73 in the periodic table. This chemical element is extremely corrosion resistant, fireproof and resistant to most acids and alkalis. In its pure form, it is a graphite-grey, shiny transition metal.

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Tantalum’s properties

Tantalum melting point 3,017 °C
Density 16.65 g/cm3
Boiling point 5,458 °C
Reacts at high temperatures with most non-metals
Protected at room temperature by a thin layer of tantalum(V) oxide.
Tantalum is not soluble in most acids due to passivation
Tantalum is only attacked by hydrofluoric acid, oleum and molten salts.
Reacts from a temperature of about 300 °C onwards

Good to know

Most of the products made from tantalum metal are used in the electronics industry: Tantalum is a good electrical conductor and can be found in capacitors, liquid crystal displays, batteries, memory chips, heat exchangers, pumps and much more. The metal stores electrical charge and releases it again quickly. Medicine also relies on the biocompatibility of tantalum: prostheses, implants, bone nails or screws give patients a new quality of life. In pure form or as a tantalum alloy.

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Is tantalum metal a substitute for platinum & niobium? 

Yes, its chemical properties make tantalum a substitute for platinum. Its almost identical atomic and ionic radii, with analogous occupation of the outer electron shells, make tantalum very similar to niobium.

What is tantalum used for?

Tantalum is an additive in superalloys. Tantalum alloys impress as resistant, heat-resistant and highly stressed parts and high-strength materials for space travel and the aircraft industry. It is also used for parts of control and regulating devices. Tantalum is also a valuable material for laboratory equipment.

Why is tantalum suitable for jewellery?

The jewellery industry relies on tantalum because it is well tolerated by the skin and is considered “allergy-free”. Thanks to its good tensile strength, it is highly ductile; its hardness is advantageous for diamond settings.

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