Declaration of Principles on the Observance of Human Rights of the Litty Handelsgesellschaft

For Litty Handelsgesellschaft it is of central importance that all entrepreneurial activities are in accordance with our code of conduct. These include, in addition to national and international legislation, ethical principles, environmental protection and the protection of human rights in accordance with the United Nations Resolution.

Our product portfolio includes various high-performance metals and welding accessories, which include tungsten and tantalum. For these materials, we are active as a Union importer according to the criteria of EU Regulation 2017/821. We understand our responsibility in the procurement process and want to do our part to combat serious abuses in the extraction, transport or trade of minerals. In order to fulfill our due diligence obligations as part of the supply chain of conflict minerals, we have integrated extensive measures into our management system.

These include:

  • No direct sourcing of conflict minerals from high-risk areas (CAHRAs).
  • Regularly informing and educating suppliers about the current guideline and code of conduct for our supply chain.
  • Supplier contracts that oblige all participating parties to comply with the regulations according to the EU regulation.
  • Analysis of suppliers from non-high-risk areas to counteract indirect procurement from high-risk areas. For this purpose, self-disclosures in accordance with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) are regularly requested from suppliers via the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT). Our aim is to cover the chain of custody at least up to the level of smelting and refining.
  • Independent audits of our suppliers in addition to self-reporting.
  • Demanding timely corrective actions in case of deviations according to our risk management process.
  • A complaints mechanism to address non-compliance along the supply chain directly to us.


This policy statement applies to the management as well as all employees of Litty Handelsgesellschaft. In particular, persons who are directly involved in the procurement process are regularly informed about the contents and trained if necessary.


Litty will work consistently with its suppliers to seek solutions to non-compliance. If an agreement is not foreseeable, solutions may include termination or expiration of contracts and trade relationships.

Complaints / Notices

Both employees and individuals outside the organization, are encouraged to raise concerns, discrepancies or violations regarding the circumstances of the extraction, trade, handling and export of minerals in conflict and high risk areas directly to management or a designated officer. Complaints may also be made anonymously. Complaints or information of any kind will be investigated, evaluated and, if necessary, remedial action taken by management and, if required, by competent external consultants.